Bio & Upcoming

Sinkkonen (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary visual artist who combines methods of community, place-based and media art in her work. Sinkkonen’s special expertise is public art works and community and socially influential art projects such as the community and environmental art project KaiPuu and the interactive media art work I see you.

Sinkkonen works have been seen in many different festivals and exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Sinkkonen’s orientation in the field of community art and applied art is motivated by an interest in influencing society and a desire to take art processes to places where they are not usually experienced. Sinkkonen has implemented projects in various art groups with different media and has actively influenced the Turku art field, e.g. as a founding member of community art Cooperative Canadantuijat and Holz Kollektiv.

2022 Old Mine Residency, Outokumpu Finland

2022/6-8 Spaunan Kallioilla – Environmental Art event in Kustavi

4.-17.7.2022 Fimbul Group Exhibition at Taiteen talo

2022/5 Study Trip to the Netherlands by Frame

2021-2022 AALLOT public artwork, Bertelinkulma Turku, Finland

2021 Final three at public art competition / Canadantuijat | Runosmäki community center, Turku Finland